Choose from two different styles!

No order is too big and no order is too small!

We now offer TWO options of our breathable, polyester, charcoal-material, carbon-activated, washable, reusable, adjustable, and highly recommened masks:

1. Double-Strap Mask with TWO "cord locks". Comes in Small/Medium size that is 7 1/2" from ear to ear and 4 3/4" from nose to chin. Small/Med fits most kids ages 8+, teenagers and adults. Large/XL is 8 1/2" across and 6" from nose to chin. This fits larger adults size L to XXXL adults. The double straps, one on the neck and one on the back of the head, allow for a maximum customized fit. The cord lock, slides to tighten or loosen the elastic.There is now a cloth covering on the elastic for a sleek design. This is our newest mask that we upgraded the design with doctors and healthcare workers. Comes in TWELVE, yes, 12 colors! $12/mask.

2. TWO kids sizes with ear loops; no straps around the head. Xtra Small is 5" across and 3 1/2" from nose to chin. Small is 6" across and 4 inches from nose to chin. These are for 2-year-olds up to small-framed 7-year-olds. Most kids ages 6+ fit the adult Small/Med but the elastic around the neck could be a choking hazard and has small pieces, the cord lock, that could be a choking hazard. These two child options are recommend to keep your child safe.